Bonafide3000 is an Electro-Jump band from Tel Aviv, a musical melting pot of Electro, Rock, Grunge, Techno, Dance and House.

Responsible for the original music and contemporary classical mashups are Ido Fridman (DJ & Vocals), Ben Krispin (Guitars), Noam Levinberg (Sound & Mix) and Johnny Kay (Drums & Sampling). These four have accumulated significant experience in many styles and production techniques, taking elements from different genres and combine them into one big exciting track that is performed live.

With more than 100 European shows in the first touring year, this fresh Tel Aviv Electro-Jump foursome doesn’t demand your faith and trust through words, but through all-live music-making, awesome energies, deep grooves and addictive audioscapes. Bonafide3000 morph rock, grunge, techno, dance and house.

The band is selected by Technical Grammy-winners Waves Audio as an official Waves Artists, honoring Bonafide3000’s unique energy and use of cutting edge software instruments and effects.

This June the band will perform in the US and followed by European tour on August and September.

Wild music-making, endless stage energies, jump-inducing live performances, these are all essential, exciting discoveries; listen closely to Bonafide3000 now! Now is the time to bring them under your wing, while the world catches up!

"Impressive, pounds your ears, enters your blood, mind and soul. It’s undeniable”
- City Mouse Magazine (Israel)

“Everything you hear is produced live, simultaneously encapsulating the audience in a hypnotic trance of elation”
- “Gazeta Wyborcza” (Poland)

“They brought the roof down… Fabulous!”
- “Agnese Matisone” (Latvia)